About Us

Intelligent Avatar Corporation Mission

To help companies, and their legal counsel, deal with the preparation for potential cyber events and to deal with cyber events should they occur.

Our Vision

To develop and provide qualitative and quantitative tools, services, methodologies, and technologies that aid in the solution of cyber security problems. The foundation of digital security is knowing what is going on. Intelligent Avatar Corporation achieves this through computer forensics. This leads to the next steps which are awareness of the security maturity of the organization, risk mitigation strategies, and the investment needed to achieve best practices in your industry.

Our objective is to bring our clients the best combination of actions to maximize the return in cyber activity. We do this by using existing technologies, having an experienced team, and developing new approaches to existing problems. This makes for the most successful long term relationship with our clients.


Our Clients

King & Spalding LLP

Beck Reed Riden LLP

K&L gates LLP

Fisher & Phillips LLP

Carlock Copeland LLP

Rogers & Hardin LLP

Kilpatrick Townsend LLP

McGuireWoods LLP

Krevolin & Horst  LLP


Chase Manhattan Bank


Kellog Corp


Sun Trust

Southern Company

Home Depot


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Computer Forensics Incident Response

Management of post incident mitigation activities and root cause analysis.

Security Maturity Quantification

Determine the gap between regulation compliance, actual security, and costs.

Identify the cost to become more secure while using best practices.

Cyber Insurance Analysis

Determine the reality of what is covered by cyber liability insurance.