Unrestricted Warfare: written by two Colonels in the Chinese Military-PLA- in 1998 and describes how China can defeat a technologically superior opponent through a variety of means rather than through direct military confrontation.

Mandiant APT1 Report:  the Chinese government has sponsored long term campaigns of cyber espionage - Advanced Persistent - campaigns against US Industries and that it continues to carry out these attacks from organizations based in China.

SANs 20: The Council is committed to the ongoing development, support, and adoption of the Critical Controls; to elevating the competencies of the cybersecurity workforce; and to the development of policies that lead to measurable improvements in our ability to operate safely, securely and reliably in cyberspace.

Ponemon (Sponsored by HP): quantify the economic impact of cyber attacks and observe cost trends over time. Internet attacks include stealing IP, bank accounts, distributing viruses, posting confidential business information, and disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure.

Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) continues the tradition of change with additions that we hope will help paint the clearest picture yet of the threats, vulnerabilities, and actions that lead to security incidents, as well as how they impact organizations suffering them.

Symantec reports on internet threat data from one of the world’s most comprehensive vulnerability databases.

Gartner - Prevention is Futile:  Advanced targeted attacks make prevention-centric strategies obsolete. Securing enterprises in 2020 will require a shift to information- and people-centric security strategies, combined with pervasive internal monitoring and sharing of security intelligence.

DHS - Cyber Insurance:  meetings objectives were to Improve the Cyber Insurance Market and encourage establishment of  Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities and encourage the market to move forward.

IP Commission Report on the Theft of Intellectual Property The scale of international theft of American intellectual property (IP) is unprecedented—hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology:  Cyber attacks are increasingly targeting lawyers, and the legal profession must respond more energetically to the threat than it has to date. Volume 26, Number 2 Spring 2013 HACKERS, SPIES, AND STOLEN SECRETS: PROTECTING LAW FIRMS FROM DATA THEFT.

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Computer Forensics Incident Response

Management of post incident mitigation activities and root cause analysis.

Security Maturity Quantification

Determine the gap between regulation compliance, actual security, and costs.

Security Risk Assessment

Identify the cost to become more secure while using best practices.

Cyber Insurance Analysis

Determine the reality of what is covered by cyber liability insurance.