Intelligent Avatar Corp uses workflow diagrams to aid all of the stakeholders to understand the complex process taking place around cyber security and to manage the processes. Cyber security requires a plan, preparation, and response cycles where the plans are revised based on feedback from assessment of the situation.


This workflow diagram illustrates the activities that take place when a data breach related to IP theft occurs.  Many risks and exposures can be mitigated with proper policies and procedures. The proper time to address legal arguments related to reasonable protection of the confidentiality of intellectual property is with policies that are in place before an adverse event takes place..

It is Intelligent Avatar Corps goal to help companies and their counsel throughout the entire lifecycle of cyber security life cycles including both pre- and post-event support.  Thus we provide:

Our clients can access our secure Customer Portal at any time during the course of the engagement and determine the status of the case and percentage of completion of each element of the workflow.

Computer Forensics

Management of post incident mitigation activities and root cause analysis.

Do you want to know what happened and who it affected?

Security Risk Assessment

Identification of the investments needed to become more secure and best practices.

Do you want to know the best allocation of resources to maximize the ROI?

Security Maturity Quantification

Determination of the gap between compliance with regulations, actual security, and costs.

Do you want to analyze and explain the reasonableness of your security decisions?

Cyber Insurance Analysis

Determination of the reality of the coverage by Insurance Carrier.

Do you want to know what you're really covered for?

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